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Monolithic Refractory Castable for hot blast furnace

Packed in 25kg/bag, 40 bags/ wooden pallet.
  • KYSL-P3
  • Dezhen
  • 38160

Plastic refractory

Plastic refractory is made from high alumina bauxite,corundum and mullite as main raw material, added inorganic liquid as binder, be mixed pressed, installed by ramming method. With excellent plasticity, good thermal stability and wear-resistance. Mainly applied in kiln inlet&outlet and other industrial furnaces lining.

Al2O3 %     -486070
ºC Refractoriness ≥1700176017801790
P.L.C % 1500ºC*3h ±2(1400ºC*3h)±2±2±2
MOR Mpa 110ºC*24h≥
CCS Mpa 110ºC*24h≥4.5555
% Plastic index15-4015-4015-4015-40
Moisture % ≤14141414


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