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Magnesia Alumina Spinel Fire Brick for Cement Kiln


The brick is made from selected high purity magnesia sand,and synthetic aluminium spinel, shaped by high pressure and sintered at high temperature,free of chrome. The brick with the features as follow: 1. excellent toughness at high temperature, the spalling damage is not easy to happen during drying kiln and using; 2. Excellent coat formed in burning zone, and normal coat damage does not spall; 3. Excellent strength and thermal shock resistance; 4. With stable dimension, can meet the requirement of installation in project; 5. Free of chrome, a kind of product without environmental pollution, being applied in burning zone



MgO %                                      ≥8580
Fe2O3 %     4-64-6
Al2O3  4-74-7
SiO2 %                                      ≤1.02.0
Apparent porosity %                  ≤1718
Bulk density g/cm3   2.92-2.972.90-2.95
Cold crushing strength Mpa             ≥7060
0.2Mpa R.U.L ºC T0.6            ≥17001600
Thermal shock resistance 950ºC air cycle  ≥10080
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