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High alumina refractory cement CA70

Packed in 25kg/bag, 40 bags/ wooden pallet.
  • CA-70

  • Dezhen

  • 38160

Refractory cement CA-70A
Performance: with high content of CA mineral, high specific surface area ,high strength,high early strength.

Refractoriness ºC 1650-1690
   Chemical composition %
Al2O3 68-72
CaO max 30
SiO2 max1.0
Fe2O3 max 0.7
Na2O+K2O max0.4
S max0.1
Specific density g/cm3 2.95-3.052.95-3.052.95-3.05
Specific surface area m2/kg min600600600
 Mortar performance
Initial setting time minutes min303030
Final setting time minutes max360360360
Rupture strength Mpa
6 hr3.0--
24 hr
72 hr6.56.06.5
Cold crushing strength Mpa
6 hr15--
24 hr 403040
72 hr504050
Castable performancecorundumLow cementcorundumLow cementcorundumLow cement
Water addition %
Flow value mm
Initial flow value190176196152158164
30 minutes186170188169149152
60 minutes185165184163150156
Cold crushing strength Mpa
24 hr room temperature222519252426
110ºC dry 24hr901157612091120
1100ºC heating 6 hr551105512055109

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