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High alumina refractory cement CA50

Packed in 25kg/bag, 40 bags/ wooden pallet.
  • CA-50
  • Dezhen
  • 38160

Refractory cement CA-50

Product categoryCA50 as monolithic refractory binder
Chemical (%)SiO2≤7.8≤7.5≤5.5≤7.0
325M Sieve residue (%)≤15≤12≤8≤8
Specific area (m2/kg)≥300≥320≥350≥350
Initial setting time (min)≥45≥60≥90≥30
Final setting time (hr)≤6≤6≤6≤6

Aluminate cement A600
  Fast setting and hardening, concentrated heat release;
   Formulated with traditional medium and high cement castable, the working performance is better than CA50F;
  It is widely used in the production of alkali-resistant castable, ordinary high-aluminum castable, and the production of slag retaining balls, etc.
Aluminate cement A700
  High quality raw material, low content of harmful impurities;
  Stable setting and hardening performance, with rapid strength development and excellent mechanical strength;
  Widely used in the production of castable with medium and low cement content, better construction performance and high temperature performance.
Aluminate cement A900
  It is made of special grade bauxite and high-purity limestone, with high alumina content, extremely low content of harmful impurities, and excellent high temperature resistance.;
  The setting and hardening performance is stable, with good fluidity, excellent workability, rapid strength development and super high mechanical strength;
  It is widely used in the preparation of low cement and ultra-low cement castable; it can also be used in conjunction with pure calcium aluminate cement to obtain better medium and high temperature performance, higher resistance to mechanical impact, abrasion and chemical corrosion. It is suitable for the lining of circulating fluidized bed boilers, new type dry cement kiln decomposition furnace, kiln door cover, kiln mouth, heating furnace, soaking furnace lining, etc.
Aluminate cement CA50R
  Select high-quality raw materials, special formula production, high temperature resistance between A700 and A900;
  Normal setting, superior construction performance and rapid early strength development, 6h compressive strength can reach more than 30MPa, which can greatly increase the construction speed of castable;
  It is more adaptable to environmental temperature changes, and can still maintain rapid strength development and earlier demolding time in low temperature environments in winter;
  Especially suitable for winter construction, emergency repair and other occasions requiring quick release and maintenance.

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